There is a need to empower farmers to compete at an international level. For this, we need to go beyond discussions as direct action will be the guiding force not only in Maharashtra, but also across the nation. Let’s all join hands with DCF and Agrowon for the development of rural Maharashtra.

The aim of the ‘Delivering Smart Villages’ initiative is to bring together business decision makers, entrepreneurs and experts who have the ability to introduce revolutionary changes in the agricultural sector. The need of the hour is to envision how technology will empower the lives of farmers in villages. People’s participation will be the most important aspect of this project. Besides this, various Indian companies providing services and undertaking projects in rural areas will also be involved in this initiative. The co-operation of the government and administration is necessary as the scope of this project is very vast. It can be smoothly executed only with your support. Let’s come together for a better future and empower farmers with robust infrastructure, new technology and in-depth knowledge. We invite you to be a part of the Corporate Social responsibilitiy (CSR) initiatives!


  • Joint funding by Agrowon and Israel-based Vital Capital for agricultural development across villages.
  • The project will be run professionally.
  • Return on investment is expected at regular intervals.
  • Legal contracts by Agrowon and Vital Fund will be done in consultation with the villagers.


  • The initiative will establish a paradigm of sustainable Agri-Business Growth via optimally bringing together People, Processes & Technology.
  • Each activity will be preceded by training and workshops that will enhance the skills of the participants.
  • The final decision making process will be inclusive and actively involve participation of all stakeholders.

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